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The steps to installation of synthetic grass

We tediously place our artificial turf in your designated area in San Antonio, Texas, making sure that our work meets up to your standards and that your new turf is installed correctly and without flaw. The result of our work is a lawn that you can be proud of and will not have to spend hours maintaining your lawn in Texas.

  • Before your synthetic grass turf can be placed, we clean out the area and make sure it is free of grass and clutter.
  • The foundation layer made of pebbles is then placed for the fake grass. This layer determines the ease with which the artificial turf will lay.
  • We then lay out rolls of fake grass and piece them together to eliminate noticeable seams.
  • The grass is then custom cut to be a perfect match for the area it is to fit into.
  • With small nails for landscaping, the artificial turf is tacked into place so it cannot move.
  • The final step is to seed the artificial grass with sand filler, which can come in a couple of varieties. A darker sand variety is usually used on fake grass in which a natural look is desired, while backyards that are heavily walked on and include play areas are often filled with a rubber granule fill.

To care for our artificial lawns, simply brush and rinse occasionally when dirt builds up. To start the installation of your synthetic grass in San Antonio, Texas, get in touch with us.

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