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SofGrass Sport Synthetic Athletic Turf Surfacing

It’s game on ALL the time… with XGrass Sport synthetic athletic turf surfacing. This xtraordinary surface allows teams and individuals to use the field as much necessary… in all kinds of conditions… without damaging the playing field.

Amateur to professional…indoor or outdoor…XGrass Sports synthetic athletic turf surfacing allows you to create sports fields of any shape or size in San Antonio, Texas. From custom inlaid logos to permanent lines we will make any field that you require. This synthetic athletic turf surfacing is Ideal for soccer and other aggressive field sports in San Antonio, Texas.

The XGrass Sport line features more than 30 different synthetic athletic turf surfacing products, all manufactured with a stronger, more durable yarn than that of competitor synthetic grass brands.

In addition to its low maintenance requirements, XGrass Sport requires no water, chemicals or fertilizers and meets G-Max ratings in San Antonio, Texas.

The XGrass Sports line features as unlimited selection of custom products, all manufactured with first quality yarns and quality control that surpasses the competitors’ brands. This is a professional athletic turf surfacing with professional sports field installation in San Antonio, Texas.

Infinity Lawn offers XGrass Sport Synthetic Athletic Turf Surfacing for San Antonio, Texas

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