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Golf greens for indoor play

We are not only capable of installing indoor putting greens, but we also work with golf greens and tee area turfs for indoor sport as well. When it comes to golfing turf, our capabilities are versatile in any location in San Antonio, Texas. If you can fit an artificial putting greens mat into an area, we can deliver satisfaction, whether that location is in a basement room or other private gaming area. Our turf mats are designed just for you with your unique needs, sizes, and shapes in mind. We will create your customized indoor putting greens based on what you have in mind.

Not only can our golf greens mats be customized to your particular desires, but artificial putting greens carry many advantages. For example, change in weather is not an issue that will affect your ability to practice your game. Indoor golf greens mats are:

  • Made to withstand time
  • Made-to-order
  • Made with accessibility and your needs in mind

In essence, golf is brought to you, your schedule, and location, instead of having to take yourself to the game in San Antonio, Texas.

Because our golf greens mats are created with synthetic grass, they can survive many hours of practice and the wear and tear associated with time on the green. You can expect an indoor putting greens to live up to years of play. With the look and feel of synthetic putting greens being much like that of an outdoor course, your practice time is just as effective as playing on a real green. Our artificial putting greens mats can also be created to fit your skill level and whatever challenge you may desire.

Our synthetic putting greens work well for private indoor use, but they are also ideal for business use as well. Our indoor putting greens can be installed in a store setting to show off equipment, as a display in a mall, or as part of a recreational center in a hotel. Have fun with our indoor golf greens, and be impressed by their ability to withstand time and be adapted to a wide range of use in Texas.

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