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Artificial putting green can help improve your game in Texas

There are several options out there to choose from when you are thinking of getting a artificial putting green in your yard. Installing an artificial putting green is becoming very popular with home owners and some golf courses in Texas. The reason for this is because real grass turfs you have to fertilize, mow, and water. There is also the risk of pests with a real turf. All of this takes lots of time and money. Synthetic turf only takes a couple of hours of maintenance each year and no water. This allows you to have more money in your pockets and spend more time playing a round of golf.

Infinity Lawn artificial putting green is also made from 100% recyclable material and is resistant to UV rays and all types of weather. Synthetic grass turfs at Infinity Lawn are made to look and feel like real grass turf. There are many types and colors of turf to choose from and we can also design them to your preferred speed. We have professionally trained installers who can do the job for you or if you’re a do it yourselfer we provide installation kits.

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