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Playground Safety Starts With Surfacing

Remember the playground as a kid, interacting with others learning to share and get along. These lessons as well as good healthy exercise is important for kids. But how safe is your playground area in San Antonio, Texas?

Each year emergency rooms treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground-related injuries. Keep your kids safe with an XGrass synthetic playground surfacing from Infinity Lawns in San Antonio, Texas.

XGrass synthetic playground surfacing is a unique playground safety surface designed not only for safety but also beauty. Kids love the feel of our synthetic grass and are safe from many potential hazards as they romp, roll, and play. Who would have thought that the most fun and exciting feature of a playground could be the surface underneath. With Infinity Lawn playground safety surface it is.

XGrass synthetic playground surfacing integrates the SofPad™ shock and drainage pad for greater water management not found with poured in place surfacing. It also provides shock absorption and impact protection from the most common source of serious injuries. XGrass synthetic playground surfacing features SofFill™ infill, a completely anti-microbial environment that creates a long-lasting healthy environment that cannot be thrown.

XGrass Play appeals to parents’ desire to provide a safe, clean environment for their children

  • Xgrass Play system provides a safe sanitary play area for children underneath and around playground sets
  •  Is completely anti-microbial.  This means that it is not subject to bacteria buildup that can be associated with wood chips, mulch, sand, and crumb rubber systems
  •  Our system eliminates harmful buried debris, muddy conditions and most importantly, protects your children from cuts, scrapes and broken bones
  • Fewer chigger and other insect bites on children playing on the playground safety surface
  • Greatly reduces chance for eye damage from children throwing pea gravel, sand, wood chips
  • Is ADA accessible, giving easy access to children with special needs
  • Provides for consistent, maintainable HIC and Gmax safety ratings


Xgrass Play appeals to desire for low maintenance playground area in San Antonio, Texas


  • Xgrass Play systems reduce maintenance cost and by reducing or eliminating the need for raking, replacing and repositioning mulches and other types of fill
  • Xgrass Play eliminates the need to mow and weed eat underneath playground equipment


Xgrass Play appeals to the desire for a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing play areas in Texas


  • Xgrass Play system provides a beautiful, lush green play area all year round

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Infinity Lawn synthetic playground surfacing and playground safety surface for San Antonio Texas

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