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How Is Artificial Turf Installed in San Antonio Texas

We complete a painstaking artificial grass installation process to ensure that your synthetic grass or fake grass backyard is positioned properly and securely. At the end of the process, you will have a terrific-looking, hassle-free synthetic grass for San Antonio Texas.

  1. The first step in the artificial grass installation process is to remove grass and other debris from where your synthetic grass will be installed in San Antonio Texas.
  2. Then, we construct the base of the fake grass a layer of pebbles. The base layer is a very important step in the artificial grass installation process. It affects how your synthetic turf lawn will lay.
  3. Next, sheets of synthetic grass are rolled out and seamed so that your artificial turf looks like one seamless piece of synthetic grass.
  4. After that, the artificial turf in your artificial lawn is cut and shaped to fit the area.
  5. Once shaped, we secure our synthetic lawn or artificial turf backyards with landscape nails.
  6. Then, we add sand infill to the synthetic grass using a drop seeder. The type of sand infill depends on how the fake grass will be used. For natural-looking artificial grass, we use dark dress sand. For synthetic turf that will see a lot of foot traffic, such as an artificial turf backyard with a play area, we recommend a durable, granulated rubber infill.

All the maintenance our fake grass lawns need is occasional brushing to revitalize the synthetic grass and hosing off to wash away debris. Contact us to schedule your artificial turf lawn installation in San Antonio Texas today!

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