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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the sand infill be tracked and transported by shoes or clothing?

Yes, slightly, but not to any level of appreciable notice! The infill might be particularly transported on the soles of feet after a rain, but, not to any more degree than is common dirt or cut grass clippings transported when wet. More relevant is that the infill is clean, non-staining and easily swept or vacuumed.     

Can Infinity Lawn Texas synthetic turf be installed over asphalt or concrete?

Yes.  Such an installation requires either a gradual natural slope for surface drainage or a special underlayment for a sub-surface drainage system (drainage pad).   

What concern do I need to have for dropped cigarettes or surface fire in general?

Very little.  Infinity Lawn synthetic turf does not burn and the consistency of its sand infill is not dense enough to sustain a fire (e.g. the flame is immediately extinguished by the sand infill). A lit cigarette, may, in extremely dry circumstances, cause immediately touching fibers to bend or distort but not to any degree that is noticeable. Accelerates, such as gasoline, will cause harm to the immediate area to about the same degree as would occur on natural grass. Fire is not a good thing under any circumstances, so try and keep all these materials away from your surface.   Flammability tests are available for Infinity Lawn products.  

What about kids playing on Infinity Lawn synthetic turf? 

Kids love it! Texas Infinity Lawn synthetic turf is softer and safer than real grass and they have loads of fun playing on it. Parents love the fact that there are no more stained pants and scraped knees. Infinity Lawn synthetic turf is the turf-of-choice of hundreds of daycare centers, play areas, schools and school districts, recreation departments, and playgrounds around the nation. 

Can the Texas synthetic turf / artificial grass be damaged? 

The grass can be damaged by intentional vandalism or open flames. However, it can usually be cleaned with typical cleaning solvents. In the case of a burn (as from a cigar), the surface could be patched using replacement materials. The surfaces are flame resistant, but will melt under open flame.

Can Infinity Lawn synthetic turf be used for kennels, dog runs, etc. and how do I wash out contaminants?

Yes!  Solid waste can be easily removed and washed away and will not harm or affect the turf fibers.  We do recommend that you hose down the areas on a periodic basis to wash out any urine or other possible contaminants.  Anti-microbial spray applicants can be used on the turf if needed.  Please contact Infinity Lawn for further information on available products.

What product can I use and how do I wash out contaminants?

Anti-microbial spray applicants can be used on the turf if needed.  Please contact Infinity Lawn for further information on available products.

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