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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of maintenance can I expect after Infinity Lawn synthetic turf is installed?

There are minimal maintenance activities that we recommend.   The turf can be raked with a leaf rake or gone over with a stiff broom a few times a year. The purpose of raking is too stand-up the fibers and to reconstitute the infill, and to gather weeds, seeds, foliage and refuge typically deposited by winds and weather.   You may need to apply infill once or twice a year as well depending on the traffic and application.

Can I expect Texas weeds to grow on my synthetic turf?

Yes – but very limited growth.  The sand infill can provide an environment in which wind blown seeds can and will take root and grow. The backing material, however, provides a strong barrier that dramatically inhibits root growth to the underlying stone and soils. What this means is that weeds are easily plucked or can even be removed by a leaf rake or broom.

What about Texas insects and allergens?

Not an issue.  Initially, surface insects are eliminated entirely. Over time and with the introduction of precipitation and wind-borne minerals and nutrients, the infills can support and sustain insect life. Neither the infills nor the synthetic grass themselves are, however, conducive to infestation at any level comparable to grass.  Topical insect solutions can be used should you ever run into a problem.

Does Infinity Lawn synthetic turf drain well?

Yes.  Synthetic turf will get wet, however, will dry in about the same or slightly less amount of time as grass, and, as it dries naturally, there does not exist the underlying inconvenience of muddy soils.  Depending upon the size of the installation, some sub-surface drainage may be installed.    Most residential applications do not require added drainage.   In addition, Infinity Lawn uses a unique backing (porous geotextile) that allows water to drain very quickly.

How does Infinity Lawn synthetic turf drain water in comparison to Texas grass and earth?

The same or better. Infinity Lawn synthetic turf is manufactured with a special backing that provides ample drainage. Any water landing upon the grass fiber surface has the capability of being absorbed by the ground very quickly, allowing play on the surface almost immediately after a rain. Adding to the drainage capacity is the fact that the sub-base, sand infill will retain heavy rain down-pours for a more natural absorption rate by the ground beneath.   Test results are available from Infinity Lawn.  

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