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Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of infill is used for playground and landscape applications?

Infinity Lawn has an anti-microbial, acrylic coated silica sand that is used in both landscape and playground applications. Infinity Lawn infill resists compaction, is non-toxic, non-flammable and 20% cooler than other infill systems on the market today. XGrass infill is much safer than granulated rubber (recycled material). 

What happens if a child or pet swallows the infill material?

The unique acrylic coated silica sand that we use for playground installations will pass through the system and should not have any effect on the person or pet (there are no heavy metals in the material).  More detailed information is available

How long will Infinity Lawn synthetic turf last in Texas weather?

Infinity Lawn landscape turfs come with a limited 9 year u/v warranty.  Length of the synthetic turf life span depends on the amount of traffic (wear and tear) and how it is maintained.  Playgrounds may not last as long as a low-traffic lawn but should get 5+ years of life.  Maintenance includes an occasional brushing (may need to add more infill) and keeping the surface clear of debris.  Maintenance packages are usually available through your installer.  Re-surfacing can usually be completed at a lower cost than the initial turf installation as needed.

Can I put swing sets and other child play equipment on Infinity Lawn synthetic turf?

Yes, while we do not provide specific wear warranties in these situations, the synthetic turf is a great surface to have under your child’s play equipment and on playground surfaces.  Friction in the swing set area and bottom of slides can cause accelerated wear on the turf and it is suggested that a pad be used on top of the turf in these areas.  Infinity Lawn will not provide these pads unless specified in the final project quotation. 

Is synthetic turf by Infinity Lawn safe for play areas / playgrounds in Texas?

Synthetic turf presents a surface that is softer than many forms of natural earth and grassin Texas. Furthermore, the newer polyethylene (PE) based turf products are less abrasive and consistently free of the sharp stones and other protruding objects typically rising to the surface in natural soils. A child’s play will never result in the grass and mud stains in clothing or the potential of dangerous wood splinters that is so common to traditional wood mulch play surfaces.   The beauty of turf with sand infill is its versatility and decidedly superior safety features. It can be installed over hard surfaces to provide a soft, safe playground and can be engineered for falls up to 12 feet. The synthetic turf system complete with drainage pad and infill also looks and feels natural, without the constant maintenance. In addition, synthetic turf is reliable – it can be played on year round, even after it rains. 

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