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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose Infinity Lawn Texas synthetic turf for landscaping?

Synthetic Turf or Artificial Grass, installed correctly, can give you a beautiful lawn or play surface without the daily maintenance hassle – a long lasting / low maintenance solution! No watering, no mowing, no weed eating, no fertilizing, no chemicals, no pet damage, no pests, no allergies and 24 – 7 green. Savings payoff in a few short years – typically 5 or less. 

What are the costs of a typical Infinity Lawn installation and how long does it take to install?

Installation costs vary depending on the type of application.  Typical lawn projects range from $9 – $14 per square foot. Playgrounds can range from $10-16 per square foot. Golf Greens can range from $12 – $20+ per square foot.  Prices vary due to complexity of work and area of the country. Most projects can be completed in a few short days!
How does the installed cost of Infinity Lawn Texas synthetic turf lawns compare to a water need (sod or newly seeded) lawn installation?

It typically costs more initially, however, over time a water need or seeded lawn will range 5 to 15 times more in total costs (after maintenance and care costs). Savings payoff in a few short years – typically 5 or less.

What are all the applications that Infinity Lawn Texas synthetic turf can be used for?

Residential lawns & play areas, commercial lawns and landscaping areas, road medians, parking islands, dog runs & kennels, playgrounds, play areas, day cares, common areas (condos, apartments, and neighborhood communities), roof tops, golf greens, and more!

What Infinity Lawn turf styles are suggested for certain fall height requirements?

The Infinity Lawn Centipede and SuperLawn systems are suggested for fall heights from 0-12 ft: Test data available that meet/exceed ASTM 1292 and ASTM 1951 testing.  Other Infinity Lawn products can be used as well to meet any fall height up to 12 ft. 

Do friction pads need to be used under swings and slides?

Yes, these are recommended to be placed under all swings and at the bottom of slides.  Friction can accelerate wear in these areas and it is the responsibility of the customer to purchase and supply these at the time of installation.  The installer will place these in the correct areas and install the turf around.

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