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Advantage to installing one of your synthetic golf greens at my home

Our synthetic golf greens are a great way for you to have the convenience of a backyard putting greens, while enabling you to have the extra practice time you’ve always wanted, right within your own comfort area. Backyard putting greens need very little work to keep them in good condition. Don’t worry about wasting time traveling to another location for a short practice, when you can practice right at home. We provide many options for golfers with our products and greens that can even be self-installed in Texas.

The results are immediate with our synthetic golf greens, including a well-kept and easily maintained professional look. Only a few hours a year are needed to keep your synthetic golf greens looking great. Other characteristics of our putting greens include:

  • A strong hold against the elements and changing weather conditions.
  • The ability to last through years of use and abuse.
  • Artificial grass that won’t bother or inflame allergies.

Finally, we seek to adjust installation of our backyard putting greens to your unique situation and desired location in San Antonio, Texas. No size, shape, or location is too hard for our experts to handle. Whether it is a small area for putting practice that you desire, or a miniature golf course, we have the capabilities to handle any project. Our other golf products may also come in use as you seek to improve your game. Let us know how we can provide more information on our backyard putting greens and equipment for texas.

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Advantage to installing one of your synthetic golf greens at my home
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